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Schedule and resources for the EUR Data Coffee Breaks at Erasmus University Rotterdam

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EUR Data Coffee Breaks

The EUR Data Coffee Breaks are short, focused, and informal presentations around Research Data Management (RDM). Each month is dedicated to a different RDM topic, and each topic is presented twice. EUR researchers can join either an online or hybrid session (via this Teams link) that takes place on Monday or Thursday, respectively. The presentations start with a 10–15-minute presentation, followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. These short presentations are of course nothing more than starting points, but we are happy to organize in-depth support and training when needed. The sessions are not recorded, but slides will be published after the session.    

What topics will be covered?

Most themes are presented by the Research Data Stewards, but we welcome guests to present more specialized topics. Do you have suggestions for a topic or a speaker? Please get in touch via datasteward at  

In 2022, the Data Coffee Breaks were first organized at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences as ESSB Data Coffee Breaks. For some of the topics covered see the presentations in the EUR Research Data Stewardship community on Zenodo (in the schedule below you can find links to some of those presentations under Materials).  

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Go to this page to subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates and calendar invites for the EUR Data Coffee Breaks (note that you need to connect to the EUR network, for example using eduVPN, to access the mailing list page).

Coffee Break Schedule 2023

Topic Date Location Materials
Best practices for documenting and organizing research projects Thurs 19 Jan 15:00 Polak 2-14 & Online DOI
  Mon 30 Jan 11:30 Online  
Anonymization of qualitative data Thurs 16 Feb 15:00 Sanders 1-12 & Online DOI
  Mon 27 Feb 11:30 Online  
Persistent identifiers Thurs 16 March 15:00 Polak 1-20 & Online DOI
  Mon 27 March 11:30 Online  
Making understandable codebooks using SPSS and R Tue 11 April 15:00 Langeveld 2.08 & Online DOI
  Mon 24 April 11:30 Online  
Licenses for research data Thurs 11 May 15:00 Mandeville T3-30 & Online DOI
  Mon 22 May 11:30 Online  
Tool Demo: iRODS/Yoda Thurs 8 June 15:00 Polak 2-14 & Online  
  Mon 19 June 11:30 Online  
Introduction to the FAIR principles / FAIR Aware tool Thurs 14 Sept 15:00 Library BT-11c & Online DOI
  Mon 25 Sept 11:30 Online  
Preparing your archival package Thurs 12 Oct 15:00 Library BT-11c & Online  
  Mon 23 Oct 11:30 Online  
Privacy by design Thurs 9 Nov 15:00 Library BT-11c & Online  
  Mon 20 Nov 11:30 Online  
Sharing qualitative data Thurs 7 Dec 15:00 Library BT-11c & Online DOI
  Mon 18 Dec 11:30 Online  

Further reading

If you are interested in reading more about research data management, we have a few suggestions:  


All presentation used during the EUR Data Coffee Breaks are published Open Access on Zenodo. EUR Data Stewards welcome contributions related to research data management, and those can be uploaded to the EUR Research Data Stewardship community.  


For any questions about the EUR Data Coffee Breaks or about Research Data Management, please contact the Research Data Stewards at EUR via datasteward at